Multiple Teams · WAY TO GO RAMS TENNIS !!!


Congratulations to the follow tennis players who defeated the following schools in Fall tennis competition in either singles or doubles events:

Ryan Criswell – Langham Creek, Springs, Lakes, Woods
AJ Wueste – Springs, Lakes
Mel Correa – Springs, Lakes
Alton Cunningham – Springs, Lakes
Aiden Watson – Springs, Lakes
Matthew Buoy – Lakes
Kaitlyn Nguyen – Fair, Springs, Jersey Village, Lakes
Allyson Songvilay – Fair, Springs, Jersey Village, Lakes, Ranch
Gabby Scamardi – Langham Creek, Springs, Jersey Village, Falls, Lakes
Brittney Tran – Springs, Jersey Village, Falls, Lakes
Melanie Leitner – Lakes
Julia An – Springs, Falls, Lakes
Eduardo Tejada – Springs
Raquel Mendoza – Springs
James Vidal – Creek
Huy Nguyen – Creek
Louis Powers – Creek, Ranch, Fair, Lakes, Springs
Joseph Mezones – Creek, Ranch
Katrina Luong – Springs
Kaylin Luong – Springs, Ranch
Katy Rincon – Springs
Jessica Nguyen-Springs, Creek, Ranch
Trinity Nguyen- Springs, Creek, Ranch
Linh Huynh – Falls
Jesus Chavez – Springs, Creek, Ranch